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Why karibu peace center 

The biggest wealth we possess is the people. They are the ones that should be the basis of a healthy life and a reason the earth is a better place to live in, becouse they have provided to their basic needs. in order to achieve this, there is a need to acquire understanding and resolutions that gives possibilities and willingness to change their lives toward a healthy life and mindset.

 This is where all kinds of trainings comes in, as the number one responsibility we have resolved for ourselves. for starters DELTA (Development,Education,Leadership,Team in Action ) will be used.

Promote development through training aiming at acquiring understanding, and tourism activities.


Taking part in development through training and tourism activities and entertainment particulary our disrict and province as well as the whole of Rwanda and the great lakes region.


Planning, delivering and hosting different training with the aim to acquire understanding to increase service quality.

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