Planning trip and transpoting people; providing accommodation, and food; selling various artcrafts and other items needed by tourists.

Tourism is an irreplaceable natural resources that should yield income for rwandans and others with the aim to increase the nation’s economy, employment creation, well being and enviroment protection, ensure a good multicuralism environment.

Because there is different parts of tourism, they consequantly yield opportunity in job creation and rise employment level. Hereby we would focus on 4 most important ones.

  • Planning trip and transpoting people(Important)
  • Accommodation
  • Providing food(Restaurant)
  • Selling things needed by tourists
  • Artcrafts,
  • These things we mensioned above are pleasing to interested one and visitors but even more pleasing when the delivering mecanism and various entertainement activities therein are well planned and harnessed (entertainment, and sport)

Tourism pictures

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